Nabeel S. Georgia

Homelessness and Poverty in America

Homelessness and poverty must be vanquished

Dear Future President,

Homelessness and poverty in America has grown largely due to the fact that there are no laws in place to protect these people stricken by poverty and homelessness. I think we should implant laws to tear down this plague that is being a nuisance. This is very important to me because I was once close to hitting the poverty line, and I do not want that to happen to anybody with the same problem. The whole homelessness and poverty must be stopped .

One reason we should stop homelessness and poverty is because the crime rate may potentially lower. In an article it states that “poor people have a much greater chance of being arrested.” this sickens my very heart because it is very hard seeing poor people arrested just because they do not have an extravagant life style. I hate this because if I was poor I would despise the police for just arresting me just because I am not wealthy. This is huge because no one should be profiled just for not being affluent.

Another reason to stop homelessness and poverty is to get people a high school education. Many people that were below the poverty level did not have a high school education in fact according to a study “In terms of education level, the poverty rates were as follows: among those with no high school diploma, 28.9%”America has the potential to raise our country’s literacy rate because most of those below the poverty line are illiterate, so if we can actually get people out of poverty and homelessness we may be able to get them an education which will eventually raise the literacy rate.

The final reason you should focus on taking out poverty and homelessness is just simply for the pure reason of helping people. If you aid those in need you will be revered as a hero, but not only for that but to see a genuine smile on someone’s face for just being a kind person. This will get you the support of the people giving them a chance for them to climb above the poverty line.

In conclusion Mr./Mrs. Future President I hope we come to an understanding and that you would consider the reasons to give a door to step out of poverty: To lower the crime rate, To increase America’s literacy rate, and last but certainly not least to do for the sheer thing of a humans job and just help people. So please Future President help us in performing the duty of helping people in need.

                                                                                                                                                   Sincerely, Nabeel S.