Jazmin S. California

Military Expenses Reduction

The United States' budget needs to be reevaluated.

Dear Future President:

There are many issues occurring overseas, such as the war in Iraq and terrorism situations with organizations like ISIS. The war has been going on for approximately fourteen years now and ISIS continues to strike, not only affecting the United States but other countries as well. The current situation abroad makes it seem reasonable for the United States to dedicate so much time attempting to resolve the issues abroad through the use of the military. However, I disagree. The United States can spend as much time as it wants addressing such issues, but that doesn’t mean that the nation should spend so much money doing so, mostly because there are certain domestic issues  that I firmly believe require more attention than they are currently receiving. If the United States doesn’t work towards improving its domestic affairs, such as how its own citizens are treated and protected, rather than spending a huge amount of money on the military, then what will happen to all the ideals and beliefs the  United States was founded on?

In 2015, the United States spent approximately $625.2 billion in military expenses, covering about 54% of the nation’s budget (Tucker). This means that more than half of the nation’s budget is being used purely on the military, which I believe needs to be changed. I understand it is relevant to maintain a steady budget for national defense, but I firmly believe that the budget could be readdressed so that a minimal percentage of the fixed budget is also spent on domestic affairs like the “Black Lives Matter movement.  This should be addressed properly, as has raised controversy throughout the United States. People are frightened as the cases of police brutality towards the black community continue to rise. People do not feel safe and it is a shame that the government isn’t doing anything to protect its civilians. According to the Office of Management and Budget, the U.S. spends about $38, 645 in federal law enforcement and immigration, which is a miniscule amount compared to the $625.2 billion spent in the military. The law enforcement budget should be raised in order to provide more training for officers so that they can be much more prepared when they face all sorts of situations in communities.  This could lower often-perceived police brutality rates and eventually resolve the problem of how best to treat and protect U.S. citizens at home.

It is situations at home that need to be addressed, so that the nation can keep its reputation as the "land of the free." I advise you, the Commander-in-Chief, to reevaluate the budget for both military and domestic affairs.

Thank you,

Jazmin Sosa

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