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This letter is describing the issues I think we have with homelessness in America. I explain some problems but also solutions for homeless people and families.

Dear Next President,

In the coming years, as you become busy improving America, I want to request some changes. In my opinion, homeless people are a big issue. I read an article written by National Alliance to End Homelessness, that in January 2015, on a given night there were 564,708 people living on the streets. In my opinion, that is to many.

One big concern I have, is the pricing for houses now a days. Many houses are overpriced and unaffordable to many families. I feel that a way to minimize the amount of people and families without homes is for buildings to be made, for people who need a home for the night. Nothing to insane. Just a warm, simple place for people to stay.

Poverty is also a big cause to homelessness. Poverty is caused by changes in the economy, lack of education, and many more. Education is a must have to a successful life if you ask me. To be able to get a good job, make money, and start a family, you need education. There should be more fundraisers and donation websites for homeless people for colleges.

I just can't wrap my head around the fact that many people don’t care or even acknowledge people on the streets. I remember a time when I was little, one summer, everyday on our way home we would drive by a man on the side of the road. I was about 11 or 12 years old at the time, so this was not the first time I had seen a homeless person, but every time I saw this man I would get very upset and ask my mom many questions about what I could do. One day, when I got home I put all of my change in a ziplock bag and told my mom it was for the homeless man. The next day, when we drove by the same man, I rolled down my window and hand him the bag. I had never felt more happy and proud of myself. It was the best feeling ever. I just wish more people would take more action to help homeless people.

I understand there are multiple issues in America and you can’t just drop everything to work or this one issue, but if you think about it, having no home can change your life in so many ways, and I can’t image living on the streets so I just wish everyone could have a nice, warm, safe home like me. I really do believe that fixing this one issue, can change the world.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.


Abi D.

Billings Public Library

TC - Billings, MT

TA - Billings, MT

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