Ayanna Ohio

Social Media impacts students grades

I thought social media impacts students grades i think if students limited there time on social media test scores and grades will go up.

October 31 ,2016

Dear Future President,

I feel Social Media has an impact on students grades in our country. Researchers found that students spend nearly 12 hours a day using social media on average. I think students should spend time studying for test and quizzes. If we do this it will increase students grades and test quizzes. According to www.KQED.COM I found that different types of social media with different reported academic problems. If we had limited amount of time on technology and social media grades will go up and test scores I think if we do i think kids will have actually more time to study.

According to www.usatoday.com the article Social Media linked to a poor academic performance researchers surveyed 483 teens how much they use social media for the whole week. Researchers found that women spend more time using some forms of media report fewer academic behaviors, such as completing homework and attending class, less academic confidence and more problems affecting their school work and other problem. This can affect teens in later in their life.

The www.usatoday say that children that spend time more on social media have so much health problems and brain problems and sleep problems social media presents risks and benefits to health issues. According to Capital High School in Washington is like almost like every High school in the country that it’s trying to see if the students really need social media for learning. The American Psychology Association says they encouraged parents to assess their child’s social networks to see where they're doing and posting on social media.

I think social media impacts students grades and test scores because it’s too distracting for students to understand the education comes first before how many followers u get or how many likes you have. Education is really important because the grades and test scores depend on your future. So that's why i think social media is a distraction.



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