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Social media problems

Many teens committing suicide help stop that problem. Take a stand to help stop that big problem, in the .U.S.

Dear Future President,

I would like if the future president can take a little bit of his/her time to focus on social media because many kid are getting cyberbullyed. When the teens/kids are getting bullied on social media that lowers their self-esteem and affects them during school hours. Sometimes the teens overshare photos or videos and the person that wants to cyber bullied them can use the pictures or videos to make fun of them at school or outside of social media.

The person that is doing all of the bullying can spread rumors by text. I think that the president needs to focus a little bit of there time to make sure that kids are safe. Most of the cyberbullying happens mostly on, Instagram, or Snapchat. Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied more than once. Many kids or teens get violated on their private accounts. Cyberbullying is linked to depression and anxiety which is not good for students.

Many kids and teens have committed suicide and many have gone into depression due to the lack of bullying on social media. The future president needs to make more laws and restriction for the people that use social media and to the people that don't use social media. About 4,500 suicides happen almost every year because of cyberbullying on social media. All of the bullying affects everyone around the world and the person that is bullying people only does it because 2 people got in a fight or just for their own amusment to play with our feelings.

A good example to prove my point is Amanda Todd. She was ordinary girl until one man's screenshot changed her life. Amanda Todd committed suicide in her own home at the age 15 just because of cyber bullying/bullying. So that's why I think you should focus a little bit of your time to help resolve this problem in the U.S .


Sabina G.   

Lakeview MIddle School

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