Jacob Barbot North Dakota

No Strict Gun Control

Don't take away our right to keep ourselves safe. Keep firearms in civilians' hands.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on gaining the presidency of our country. We all hope that your time serving ends up turning out great, but most of us fear something that might be coming in the near future. The dreadful idea of strict gun control has been haunting us as we sleep and live through our days. As president, please don’t let  strict gun control be a reality among our nation.

There are many reasons and explanations why gun control should not be welcomed into our nation. As the nation, it is obvious to see that we have been struggling with deaths and murders due to gun violence. Mass shootings and mass homicides has sadly become real in America. We watch in horror as the news channels play the story and breathtaking events that end up in many dead, and many more wounded. We listen closely as the victims tell their stories, while breaking in between sobs we hear the truth. And the truth is, they didn’t have guns. The teachers of the Columbine school did not have guns. They did their best to protect the children with everything they had, including their lives. Then after everything happened, after all the shots were fired, the friends and family that loved them cry out “why did this happen this way? Why couldn’t this have been different?” In all reality, if the teachers and instructors had the means and a firearm to protect themselves from the sick minded shooters, more lives would be spared. If the right people had guns in their hands maybe, just maybe only two people would’ve died that day. “...we’ve had a remarkable decrease in violent crime and gun crime in the U.S. since the early 1990’s, even though the number of firearms [owned by civilians] has increased by about 10,000,000 every year.” (Jacob Davidson, TIME Magazine) Think of any other story you have heard about a homeowner defending themselves with a pistol or shotgun against an intruder. Don’t let gun control leave us defenseless against the violence that occurs every day in our country.

Almost everybody wants to ask what exactly drives a person to commit such a horrible crime against the rest of the innocent lives that are forced to die. The people of this United Nation ask why anybody would do this to their neighbors, to their friends, to their family. What makes them so sick that they just decide to end so many lives? But that’s it, that is the reason. They are sick minded, and sick hearted beings. Yes, they may have mental disabilities that prevent them from thinking that doing such things would hurt everybody, including them. That is not always the case, though. Everybody has heard of family violence. Most people see kids being beat at home, and they come to school with bruises and marks. Sometimes, they don’t even come to school because they’re so broken from what their family did to them. No, that is not a family. Its corruption, its hate, and its pain. Those reasons are what drive humans to do something so inhuman. In this world they are common. Those feelings aren’t very rare around America. So why aren’t there more children from corrupted families acting out and killing more people? What about the rest of the corruption, hatred, and pain? Like the shooting at the gay bar in Orlando, Florida. That only took one person. That only took one person to build up that hate to act in such a way that costed 50 lives of innocent people. One man, guys, one man it took. It took one person screwed up enough to take 50 lives, 50 innocent lives. Why aren’t we seeing this? No, the problem is not guns, it’s the people who use them. Let’s take care of this as a United Nation that we are. Help us fix the homes and the minds of the victims that turn into mass murderers.

Our United States of America might just work without guns. We could walk around knowing that nobody we see has a firearm in their hands just itching to let lead fly through a crowd. Some of us would feel safe. Some of this Nation would feel safe, but some are smarter than others. There are other ways to harm one another. It takes three different substances from any local hardware store to create an explosive that could kill many, and harm hundreds. Why put us in a situation where we can’t defend ourselves against that? That’s not the only thing though. There are four states out of 50 states that have legalized marijuana [weed, pot, dope, etc.] for recreational use. (Marijuana Policy Project) Yet it still sweeps through our schools without anyone noticing. It’s illegal for both medical use and recreational use in most states in America, but some people don’t abide by the law. It is still sold, grown, and used nation wide. Is a law really going to keep the killers from having guns? All the gun control will do is leave us defenseless against the murderers who don’t live by the law anyway. If the citizens of the United States have a firearm to protect themselves, only one person is going to get shot, and that is the being with a mind set to kill people.

Most digital cameras are able to hold hundreds or more of pictures. Almost every average Joe owns a digital camera, or has owned one in their lifetime. “Would it be fair to ban digital cameras and high capacity memory cards because child pornographers us them to commit their crimes? If guns kill people, then camera’s cause child pornography.” (Ryan, INgunowners.com) Please don’t let lies take away our rights as an American.

One of America’s citizens,


Jacob Barbot