Robert M. California

Protecting The second amendment

A short explanation of the facts for gun laws and the second amendment and why it shouldn't be taken out of the constitution

Hey thanks for coming i'd like to share something with you Mr. or Mrs. President

Are you a gun lover or historian who doesn't want the amendments to change

Thank you for Reading My letter and best of luck to you

In the U.S there has been a lot of problems with current gun regulation because it is a person’s right and choice, as well as its there responsibility 

It is a person’s right and choice to have a gun because based on a few bad decisions of others the whole community is having a whole amendment taken away 

These problems have all branched and fed off of some poor decision making and post 9/11 paranoia leading to the abolishment of the 2nd amendment. The reasoning behind protecting the amendment is that people should have the right and that there should not be finger pointing at gun owners saying “your gonna kill someone” when there isn’t a problem with a 60 year old man owning a hunting rifle or a household having a gun for safety emergency or gun enthusiast shooting targets or hunting, where's the problem

The second reason is all the hate and backlash for owning a gun

There are people who will get into angry mobs over guns and someone owning them and people being judged for something others did because they own a gun 

Understanding The paranoia

I understand that people don't like guns because of bad decisions by criminals and that death has came with guns but guns kill people, people kill people

We need stricter gun laws but we still need the second amendment

Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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