Ava S. New York

Underage Drinking

I wrote a letter to our next president regarding the issue of Underage Drinking

Dear President of The United States,

More and more kids have gotten themselves involved in underage drinking. About 200,000 adolescents visit the emergency room each year because of drinking related incidents (Lottritz 1). These related incidents could include drunk driving. In my community there was a drunk driving accident, a kid was drinking and decided to drive home and got in an accident, crashed his car into a tree but was unharmed and no one was in the car luckily. Something seriously bad could have happened. Underage drinking has caused danger for the drinker and for for the people around them.

About 90% of all teen alcohol consumption occurs in the form of binge drinking, which the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says peaks at age 19 (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a 24/7 news website that keeps you updated on the recent outbreaks and tips to keep you healthy and safe. Annually about 5,000 youth under age 21 die from motor crashes, other unintentional injuries and homicides and suicides that involve drinking. When you are drinking you might not even know what you are doing which is causing more and more dangerous accident (Lottritz 1). This is becoming more and more popular because people think it’s cool to drink because it’s illegal. Many kids get pressured into drinking, it’s kinda like they want to follow the pack.

So President of The USA, what can you do to help condense the number of underage drinkers? I know we are trying our best by having people check your ID before getting a drink, but we must be missing something. Maybe we can have a detector in the car that can tell if you've been drinking alcohol and the car won't work if it senses it. We just need to come up with ideas to prevent the danger. I hope you can change this problem for the better.

-Ava Schroeder