Vanessa Georgia

Police Brutality Based On Apperance

Don't mistreat people just by their appearance.

Dear Future President,

Every time I turn on my TV, I hear Africans-Americans complaining about the way the police mistreat them. The police are being unfair to many citizens in the United States that sometimes don’t even commit a crime. You should put an end to this violence and start putting a solution to it before everything gets out of control.

The purpose of the police is to protect us not to make us afraid of them. For example, most of the people should feel secure while walking the streets, but with all of this violence that can’t be guaranteed. If a white male passes by the streets with a really nice car the police would probably not pay attention to him just because he’s white but if a black male passes by the streets with a really nice car the police would pull him over just because, they probably think he stolen it. This misconduct has to end before kids our age think this injustice is okay when is really affecting our nation.

The best solution for this problem would be for police makers to face their own race. This would probably decrease the percent of police brutality we have in the United States, by just facing our own race. Because, it seems that we are not mature enough to just be able to handle different types of races we have in our world. This shows that we won’t have to worry about other people judging us by our appearance anymore.

As a result having thousands of people dying each day by how they appear on the outside. We depend on you to try and solve this problem we have going on in the United States.


Vanessa P.