Jocelyne l. Pennsylvania

Drug abuse

Drug abuse can kill over 200,00 people a year.

Dear next president,

I am about to talk to you about drug abuse.

We should get rid of all the drugs because imagine if one of your family members had died from drugs. You would be sad. You would also want to stop drugs because it just had killed your son, daughter, husband or any of your family members.

Many people have died from drugs. Also babies could die from drugs if they are in their mother’s stomach and then you would have a dead baby in your stomach. That’s because when you do drugs you are killing yourself and the baby in your stomach.

More people are dying from drug abuse. Drug abuse kills 200,000 people each year.That is proof that maybe one of your children could do drugs and die from them. 570,00 people die a day. Also 10,574 people died this year.

When drugs weren’t made less people died back then because people didn’t have drugs they probably had guns but that was maybe the only thing that killed them or from sickness.

In 2013, an estimated 24.6 million Americans 12 or older -9.4 percent of the population-had used an illicit drug in the past month.

You are also wasting money on drugs and not the stuff you need. It affects unborn children of pregnant drug users. The drug that is used most is alcohol, then it’s marijuana. Drugs are chemicals that produce different physical effects.

This is important to me because people lose their family members form drug abuse. Also unborn children die before their even in their family because they are doing drugs.

This is important to me because my mom smokes cigarettes but that is it but it could also kill you because it can give you lung cancer like it did to my pop pop. Also my aunt does a lot of drugs like alcohol, weed, cocaine and popping pills. And I do not want my mom and aunt to die like my pop pop did. He was my favorite and someone that I love and he died.

I want the president to get all the drugs out of America so know one gets hurt. I also want the president to put drug dealers in jail because drug dealers are the ones giving people drugs when they can’t buy them at the stores !