Marcel D. Pennsylvania

Police Brutality

My letter is about police brutality.

Dear next President,

Next President I’ve been watching the news lately and I keep hearing a lot about police brutality and I think this is a horrible thing. I believe police shouldn’t brutalize innocent people. What if your mom or dad was walking down a street and a random police officer shot and killed him? how would you feel? Many people are killed or hospitalized by police but everyone of them have somebody who cares about them. People are getting killed or injured by police almost everyday and imagine how many people are heartbroken seeing their friend, their parent, or their sibling dead or brutally injured for nothing.

People who are killed by police, killed period have families who love them dearly.

Over 1000 people have been killed by police in the US but for some reason few police have been arrested for it. If police keep doing this more and more innocent people will be getting the death sentence (metaphorically). The reason this is a big issue for me is because I really dislike when people get convicted for something they didn’t do so when people get killed for nothing I get mad.

I believe the new president should arrest every police who commits brutality. I also hope that every person that was brutalized should be given good care.


Marcel Davies