Jordyn H. Ohio

Taking Down Terrorists

Striving to protect our country from all possible dangers.

Dear Next President:

In 2012, a shooting took place at a school in Connecticut and killed 28 people. The shooter killed himself and his mother too. Our country needs help in order to be safe from these attacks. My town--located in northeast Ohio-- has the ability to come together and work as one in order to help make our country a better place. We can import ideas to you (the next president) so that you can turn them into a reality, and take action.

Over the past year, the amount of bombings, shootings, kidnappings etc. has gradually increased. As the next president, you have the ability to help our country become a friendlier, safer environment. In the year of 2016, there have been a total of 13 large attacks so far, with many smaller incidents happening along the way as well. A total of 65 people have died, and 125 were injured. In 2010, there were a total of 10 attacks in the US; only 4 were killed, and 16 were injured; 61 more people died in 2016 than in 2010, which shows how bad these attacks are becoming worse throughout the years.   Another reason we need to take action is because about 13% of kids that go missing are kidnapped.     No one knows what the kidnapper is going to do to the child; he/she may be abusing them, which could lead to worse things.  We need to bring this percentage down to make sure that children in the US are safe.  One last reason is because in 2015, their were a total of 372 mass shootings in the US, killing 4475 people, and wounding 1,870.  There are a lot of people that were killed in these shootings, and the shootings are becoming far more dangerous, and killing more people.  If we had higher security, and  more restrictions, we can prevent so many of these deaths.  You need to take action on all of the attacks that have happened, and create ways for our citizens to feel safer, before they become far more dangerous.

22% of Americans store one or more guns at their home. I believe that any average citizen should not be able to store any type of gun in their home. While some people may find it comforting to know that they have a way to defend themselves, guns can very easily be misused. There were 14,249 murders in the year of 2014, and 68% of the murders were committed with firearms. We can prevent so many murder cases in the US by restricting the ability to own a gun in your home. Another reason we should not be able to own guns is because there was a survey that was done in 1993 with 4,977 participants. Only 0.5% of these participants claimed to have used their gun in an emergency, however they could have solved the problem by calling the police, and no one would have been harmed.  Lastly, drugs are a huge influence on the amount of incidents in our country.  Drugs can cause people to do crazy things, including hurting others.  One last reason is because 60% of people commit suicide by gun.  Most of these people get these guns because they have them stored in their homes.  In order to decrease this percentage and keep our US citizens safe, we need to set restrictions on guns, and make sure that citizens have a gun license, so they wont misuse them.  The use of guns should be constricted so that we can keep our country safer, and restrict the amount of shootings.

More and more people every day are becoming addicts and dying of drug overdose. Heroin and Opioids are causing the most problems in our country, they were involved in 28,647 deaths in 2014, with is 4x the amount as in 2000. No drug should ever be legalized, and we need to take further, and deeper investigations to make sure that these drugs are not being used in our country. One other key drug is marijuana; there are many debates going on in our country on whether or not marijuana should be legalized. I think that marijuana should stay illegal as it could also cause many deaths. While the drug itself does not kill anyone, it can lead one to a more severe drug, such as heroin.   Lastly, drugs are a huge influence on the amount of incidents in our country. Drugs can cause people to do crazy things, including hurting others. There have been many incidents in the US that have involved drugs, where one or more people have died.  Drugs have become a huge problem in our country, and we need to make sure that we stop the use of them before it gets out of hand.

As the next president, you need to stop all of these situations that keep surfacing in our society. They are becoming bigger problems by the day and soon they will become so big that we won’t be able to stop them. Strict rules should be set so that all american citizens will feel safer in their own town.



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