Jayla J. Pennsylvania

Public Transportation Cost

This letter is about how the cost to ride a bus is affecting people. It is about how so much money could be used for something else. It also tells how Septa is breaking promises and why Septa is raising the price.

Dear next President,

The amount of bus money being charged in Philadelphia has grabbed my attention. There shouldn’t be as much money being charged today on Septa.

Imagine if you had to get to your loved ones and they lived far away.You only have $3.00, and to get on the bus it’ll cost $2.25.When you spend the money on the bus you’ll leave out with 75 cents. What good is that? Unless you buy something from the corner store like jolly ranchers or something it is worthless! You can’t even buy something from the dollar store.

There are many people who don’t have enough money to ride the bus. I believe that many people need affordable public transportation. In 2010 a lot of cities such as New York City, New Jersey and so on charge at least $2.00. Now I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that that isn’t the most affordable track. On top of that they are going on strike!

Septa is raising prices and breaking promises. I don’t think you’d want to see that from any bus company.I did some research. Turns out septa said they are raising prices because they are going to use the money to buy books for bad schools. Okay fine. But are they really? Well, I did some more research about that too. They aren’t doing that a 100% at all. I got this all from this source called Tickets,Coins,Fares. Multiple times when I looked at this chart of how bus cost went up, the line for Philadelphia went up. It was very dramatic. People should be able to get to their loved ones without paying $2.25.

This is a personal issue for me because although my parents have a car, my babysitter doesn’t. When my babysitter used to watch me, we couldn’t really go anywhere because the amount being charged for public transportation is too high. She didn’t feel like walking so she would have to ask my mom to take her home. She wasn’t poor though. She had to spend it on bills and food. A lot of her money went on the bus to get where she needed to be.


Jayla J.