Lily W. Kentucky

Marriage Equality

What about all the gay marriages? Are they still going to be allowed?

  Dear Future president,

  Where will all the gay marriages be when the next president takes office? Will there only be marriages between a Man and Woman? Personally I think gay marriage should  be allowed. Some people don't believe in gay marriages. For Example, Donald Trump doesn't believe in gay couples and so do many more citizens. Here are a couple reasons why they should be able to have this right. 

  My first reason is the benefits for the children of gay couples. Married couples can provide family stability for their families. This can help kids feel safe and secure. A married couple has a higher income than that of a single parent home and with that there is a higher income come tax benefits for the family.  Another reason is if they can't have kids they can choose to adopt kids. Adoption agencies want to place children in stable homes and a married couple can provide this for them more than single parent home. Since there is a lot of  kids up for adoption, they help make the numbers go down. This is the first reason that gay marriages should stay.

  One other reason is illegal marriages is a form of discrimination. By not allowing marriage between a couple who wishes to marry we a discriminating against their right to choose their own partner. Every person should have the right to live their life and choose whom they wish to be with without the government saying they can't. Our society is changing and with these changes gay marriage needs to be one of them. This is my second reason.

  The last reason is it is a human right. A gay couple should have every benefit that a heterosexual couple can enjoy. No one can take away our right because we are a diverse and free country. Our Constitution states that every citizen is equal, so why should a gay couple be excluded form this right? Our country was based on freedom. All people should have this right. This is my last reason.

  These are the reasons I chose, but there are many other reasons in the world . I hope people understand this issue is huge in the world. Many people don't think it should be allowed, but I think gay marriages should be allowed. I hope these reasons changed your opinion about gay marriages. Let's allow gay marriages to be in this country.


                                                                                                                                        Lily W.


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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