Gaby T. Massachusetts

Native American Rights

How would you feel if someone just decided to push you out of your home so they could live here instead of you?

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

Many Native American’s property and land has been violated over the decades because of the USA. The three things the constitution wants to protect the most is life, property and liberty. Pushing them out of their land for our benefit is already breaking the law of protecting property. This would be like if Italy built a pipeline through the Vatican City. I think it is extremely unfair how we can kick someone out of their own homes. We would probably only use the land to build something anyway, why would we need it over someone that lives there?

In 1830 Andrew Jackson was one of the main people who brought up the Indian Removal campaign. Andrew Jackson just decided that it was in the US’s best interest to move the Native Americans, some tribes left where ever they were peacefully living, but not all did. The Native American’s had been there before and they should have to be relocated just because of the Native American Removal Act. Right now there is something happening called the North Dakota pipeline. In these Native American sites there is a lot of oil, what is happening is that people want to make a pipeline to get oil from the ground. “The long-brewing standoff stems from construction of the 1,172-mile pipeline, which protesters said will threaten the environment and destroy Native American burial sites, prayer sites and culturally significant artifacts.” North Dakota wants to put something to benefit themselves which is ruining a sacred spot for the Native Americans. It’s not fair that their property is being violated without their own consent.

I think the president has to take a stance on this topic and respect the view of the Native Americans. The land that is being violated is sacred land and it can’t be ruined by a pipeline, the land is spiritual and important to history and current day of the Native Americans. Why are we pushing people who have the right to be on the land away for our purposes?

Sincerely, Gaby