Louisa D. Wisconsin

Abortion Should Stay Legal

Abortion should stay legal

Dear future president,

I hope you will take these thoughts into consideration. I would like there to be a change in the thoughts of abortion. This is a big topic that everyone thinks of and believes should be legal, but some think not.

Imagine if you were put into this situation: you are a teenage girl, and you had no intention what's so ever to get pregnant. Unexpectedly, you were raped. You would NOT want to have have the biggest responsibility to take care of your own baby! Abortion is necessary to protect the health and safety of women. This is the best way a women can take care of themselves first as a young adult without having to worry about a baby.

Women have to risk their lives for an unwanted pregnancy. According to ProCon.com, If a women were to have a baby, their lives getting risked are 14 times higher than getting an abortion. If she were to have died, her baby might survive and who would take care of it? The young one might be put up for adoption, but was all of that really worth losing the mom who didn’t intentionally get pregnant? Yes, It is sad that the baby dies and this may be a very hard decision to make as a girl of any age, but when you really think of it I think it comes clear on what you have to do for yourself.

Girls of all ages can be financially unstable. Think about it: if a girl that gets pregnant still lives with her parents; doesn’t have a job; or any money, she does not have the money to take care of her child. According to Pew Research Center, 82 nations allow abortions when mothers have economic or social reasons, rape, or insest. If this change was made, many women would be happier because they wouldn’t have to find a job to pay for their child they didn’t ever intend to have.

Overall, I believe that abortion should be legal because of many different reasons that would help women who really need it. This is a huge topic that needs to be decided on. I hope you keep this in mind as you think of women all over the country that are going through this.


Louisa D.