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Gun Control

Dear next president, the topic I am going to write about is gun control. It can be used in many good ways. It also can be used in many bad ways too. Some good ways are if you keep a gun in your house for safety reasons like if someone breaks into your house or is trying to break into your house. Another way is if you're a person who likes to take a backpack with you when you go somewhere or just likes to pack a lot of stuff to be on the safe side. You could easily put a gun in there for protection from getting rob if you are walking outside or if you see someone in danger and want to help. There is a lot of reasons why it can be good but like I said before that there is bad ways too. Some bad ways are that it is easy to buy a gun. That means you could by a small gun and put it in your bag. This time not for protection but for hurting someone. It is so easy to buy a gun you think there would be more laws about when and where you can buy a gun. First, you should have a permit and sometimes you do have to have a permit. Even if you a child and you go hunting. You should still have a permit. There are many of laws out there for guns and I think there should be more. Although there should be a lot of laws for guns. You shouldn't make stricted or unfair laws. Those were some good and bad things, but what if you need a permit but can't get one. There are some really goods laws about how to buy a gun and where to buy a gun. That doesn't mean that a gun can get in the wrong hands. Sadly that does happen a lot of the time. "Get rid of guns in homes, and on the streets." Said Phoebe Bovy from New Republic. My opinion is that it it is not an actually bad idea to get rid of all the guns. But Jack Hunter says you at times it's good to have a gun. "Guns have saved many lives by defending themselves or other people." Said Jack Hunter from The American Conservation. "Civilians, including hunters, should not own military firearms or firearm accessories." Said Procon.org. There are real life arguments about gun control and they should be discussed about. So both sides can come to an agreement. Thanks for reading.

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