olivia h. Michigan

Legalizing Marijuana and Prostitution

Solve the dangers the american people are facing, bring profit to the country and keep innocent people out of jail by legalizing marijuana and prostitution and regulating them.

Dear Future President,

Over the years, almost every politician has made a statement on the safety of our people and the safety of our country. The irony of those statements is that when trying to pass bills that would provide safety, not being able to see through the superficial controversies that envelop them prevent actual progression in the world. While subjects such as drugs or prostitution are dangerous territory for those who wish to remain politically correct, it is a necessary discussion-- a solution is necessary. It often becomes a question of morals and social standards and avoids the actual problem when there are people at risk everyday because of the dangerous situations involving drugs and prostitution. Legalisation needs to occur in order to protect our country, not from the threats of the outside world, but from darkness that lurks in the corners of our country.

There is danger in everyday life, ranging from walking down the street and getting hit by a car to mass murderers. Recreational drugs such as Marijuana have desensitized the general public to the use of drugs. Still there is no governmental control on the drugs that circulate on the streets, and people are put in situations where they could be harmed. The outlook on drugs now is the same that people had in the 1920s with alcohol. Although prohibition made it illegal to be in the possession of alcohol, it was still prevalent among the youth of society. There were underground clubs that sold it to the well paying customers, people were making it in their bathtubs and being poisoned when the ratio was not correct. Regardless of its legal status, people will continue to find a way to produce and distribute drugs; even going through questionable means to do so. In state prisons, .7% of inmates were charged with possession of marijuana; a crime that should not require time served-- .1% of the state inmates had had no prior record to the drug possession (learnaboutsam.org). By legalising Marijuana, which is a recreational drug that does not cause harm to the body, it would bring in profit to the government and safety to the people. It will happen in any society regardless of the view on it and by bringing it into the light, there will be regulation on production and distribution; lowering the crime rate and giving people an overall sense of alleviation.

Similarly, prostitution should be legalised. One of the world's oldest professions, well known around the world, and even legal in many european countries. These women who are in this profession are often there because it is their only option and there is no alternative. These women are at risk. These risks include but are not limited to; rape, assault from pimps, forced drug addictions, being sold, being killed or put in an unsafe environment. Recent statistics show that “the average prostitute gets physically (but non-lethally) attacked approximately once a month” (HG.org). While legalising would bring a profit to the country and bring unemployment rate down, it is for the safety of these women that is most concerning. They should be provided healthcare and required to do checkups at a regular time. This is as to try and prevent spreading of illness and sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The safety of our citizens should always be a priority, regardless of where they work.

It is often said that ignorance is bliss, however, a president should not be ignorant when the people of their country face danger. These problems occur on a daily basis; there are prisoners locked up for possessing or distributing drugs such as marijuana in the same place as serious criminals who kill, rape and kidnap. How is it right for these people, who have done little wrong to be treated the same way we would treat someone who has defiled the very basic rights of man. It is on issues like these, regarding recreational drugs, prostitution, or even the right to decide what happens to your own body; this is where morality is questioned, where church and state can’t help but to be mixed. Why is it, then, that the people suffer and our rights are not protected. Please consider these reasons and decide whether or not the safety of the people is worth it.


Olivia H. 

Clarkston Community Schools

Eisele IB ELA 12


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