Nathan B. Texas

Legalization of marijuana

A persuasive letter to legalize marijuana

Dear Madam/ Mr. President,

Sign a into law to legalize marijuana,why would you even think about doing this, because it’s what's best for our country, it will boost our income and would help those in need of a easy access to a strong painkiller, Do you really want to put this aside all the help that could have gone to those people be lost?Legalizing marijuana does exactly what i have listed there it boosts drug taxation and revenue to 5-22 million dollars This income could help us with damages from floods and tornadoes and rebuild corrupt or cities in poverty, Having Medical marijuana as an effective painkiller for cancer,alzheimer's and arthritis even for minor headaches allowing it over the counter would make it easier for people with those conditions to instead of going to a doctor which is costly get it at a pharmacy

The income that marijuana produces would go to cities and states that aren't economically healthy examples are louisiana,oklahoma and missouri. Louisiana recently had a major flood and families lost their homes with the boosts in its economy they can help recover these families and get them safer homes currently homes in louisiana aren't tall enough to withstand a flood the boost in their income can go to better homes streets and neighborhoods. The point is that multiple states in america are doing pretty good but there's also the ones that aren't money coming from marijuana legalization would go to those states it would help them prepare for the tornado season the states that are caught in the path of tornado alley see at up to 1000 tornadoes per year and they have to be prepared we need this money so when they strike it wouldn't take as long to repair. Right now if tornado season starts we wouldn't have the money help the states recover from the attacks it would take up to four or more years to prepare.

Medical marijuana would help many people in lots of ways but making it over the counter would help even more so those with cancer or alzheimer's don't have to go to a doctor which gets costly.People could also abuse this and use it daily and not have to acquire it by illegal trade But the effects of marijuana harm less than everyday allergies do marijuana has killed less than peanuts. Legalizing marijuana would help people in pain with a disease that there is almost to no cure for Having it as a pain killer will sooth them down and they won't feel different.I understand that other drugs like heroin or cocaine being illegal but marijuana makes u a little dizzy and that's about it alcohol does the same and it's not illegal if marijuana presumably has the same effects as alcohol why is it illegal and alcohol not?

States in poverty need help to get out and people with diseases that have almost no cure deserve to be treated,legalizing marijuana would help their income and the people in need of a strong and reliable painkiller,Doing this will help the lives of these people i want you to look into this and take action.