Eddie F. Oklahoma


Should bullying be stopped? In my opinion it should be stopped. Bullying is a major part of society and causes lots of damage to others.

Dear Future President, 

      It would be great if you read my letter and took it into consideration.  There have been many problems with bullying that people have never even bothered to look at, and it would be great if you looked at them, as I think you would have the biggest effect on them. Bullying matters and should be stopped because if others see what bullies do they would try to do the same thing just to be funny, and those who are being bullied could commit suicide or face depression that can impact their studies badly.

      Bullying matters because if others see what the bullies were doing they would do the same thing just to be funny. Is it something good to do?  Well the obvious answer is no since it has to do with hurting someone else's feelings.  We need to stop bullying because it is hurting people.  Today people make fun of others just to get attention and get along with others. When I was in elementary I would get bullied every once in a while, while I played soccer.  It probably didn't have anything to do with them wanting attention; it probably was just because they were losing and letting their anger out on me. 

      A second reason why bullying matters is those being bullied could decide to commit suicide.  According to the CDC suicide is the third leading cause of death between the ages of 10 and 24, and about four thousand four hundred peoples lives are lost a year due to bullying.  People don't understand what the after affect of bullying is when they do it to others.  People who bully tend have something personal going wrong in their lives which causes them to take their anger out on people around them even though it wasn't meant for them.  The people bullying the victim also don't realize that if the victim commits suicide, the victims family also gets hurt.  When the family members get hurt they also feel the stabbing pain like the one who committed suicide.

      In conclusion, bullying should be stopped and if it could be stopped it could change the world greatly.  However most people would say it can't be stopped, but if people try and work hard to stop it, it can be done.  I feel greatly about this topic because some people don't realize how bad they are hurting others.


East Central High School - Tulsa

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