Cody Michigan

American Jobs

The reasons why so man American's are loosing their jobs, and not being able to find another one.

Dear Future President,

American jobs are leaving the U.S. They have been for decades, and the government knows the issue, but does nothing about it. The real question that should be asked in D.C. is, why are they leaving? I may be 15, but I still can try to alert you of this threat opposing many Americans in the working class. The largest amount of voters in our country, maybe you should try to please them. Americans are losing jobs, time to fix that, but how?

In American history you learn about the great depression, where everything costs a lot and everyone gets paid little, try to implement that scenario now. Minimum wage workers get paid more now for certain, but was it our best move to raise how much they get paid? Back when my grandpa was 23 he was working for Chrysler for $3.50 and hour. He has said time and time again that prices used to be cheaper. With the rise in minimum wage, prices increase as a 1v1 ratio. Business have two options at that point, raise prices to accompany the higher pay to workers, or leave the country and keep the prices the same.

The article The perfect storm brews offshore: moving R&D outside the U.S. creates opportunity, outcry -- and risk explains the company R&D outsourced its company outside the U.S. to save money, and make higher profits. Why would they not make enough here? R&D said they pay too much for labor and taxes weigh down heavy on their profit. Jaswinder Ahuja (vice president of central operations) argues that they are going overseas not for pure cost-reduction plays, but it’s a way for them to stretch R&D’s budget. Furthermore Mr./Mrs. President go ahead look at why businesses can’t make enough profit in the U.S. They can pay workers less in other countries allowing them to hire more foreigners for every American worker. Now some can say reducing minimum wage can’t be lowered they already suffer in our economy. Ok, good observation, but there is an alternative, by lowering the taxes business have to pay. That may sound bad, but the government is taking in too much money for itself. All they have to do is rebalance the budget. Cutting unneeded expenses and maximizing profits. As my Mother says, “Being a politician is not a career path, it’s an obligation.”

Another article to look at is Economy Race Ahead, Leaving Jobs in the Dust, which explains the American economy is rebounding back to where it used to be, but the amount of jobs in the U.S. aren’t. According to this article, “Manufacturing has taken the biggest hit, shedding 2.7 million jobs.” Let's looks at that more, most manufacturing jobs are minimum wage and when the economy crashes/struggles, companies look for a more cost friendly version of labor for their products so they cost less to make, since they aren’t selling as well in the target economy. A way to improve the sales/profits in the target community is to make their expenses go down, material isn’t able to go down, but then again labor can’t either, so a tax break for these businesses needs to be made. If you want Americans to have jobs that is.

Now let’s look at the patten the articles make. Jobs leave because profits are sufficient to pay all the workers. The company has to pay high wages and high taxes, now if we want our own people to have jobs, what needs to change in this scenario? If you are fulfilling the duty to the American people you would’ve thought of lower taxes. If you didn’t, shame on you, you have no business running this country. I know lowering taxes on businesses will lower how much the government makes, but as stated before, the government is spending money in areas it doesn’t need to, that could be used to balance the pay check. Things that you might think as necessary might not be, thats why you have a group of advisors, or should at least. This is an opportunity to make American Lives better, are you going to take it?


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