Cody W. Michigan

U.S. College Costs

Every year more and more people end up in debt for the simple act of seeking an education. They are in this debt because of college costs.

Hello Next President of the United States of America,

Every year more and more people end up in debt for the simple act of seeking an education. They are in this debt because of college costs, where they are then left with the only choice to ask the bank for a loan. To save the future generations from crippling debt I propose that the cost for college should be lowered and possibly even completely free.

Some say that the cost is fair and if changed would throw the economy off balance. It honestly isn’t as dramatic as some think though. The economy would be fine. Industries and others would just change their rates to match such a change. The huge change would be nothing more than a stumble rather than a huge fall.

The way I see it is everyone deserves an opportunity at obtaining knowledge to apply to their lives. It’s basic human morals. Doesn’t everyone deserve the same chance as others have where money doesn’t and shouldn’t matter? This leads me to a conclusion that we are too divided between wealthy and poor. Like many times in history we make history repeat itself. College is easy to grasp for students who come from wealthy families who are able to pay off the debt with steady ease. Low-income students have that same chance to apply for that college, except with the huge setback of debt. “All men are created equal.” This is what we abide with yet under some circumstances it seems someone tainted the message so it reads “All men are created equal, depending on income.”

Look at it this way. With equal morals comes with equal opportunities. Today we believe that everyone is equal. But what defines equal? Not everyone can get past troublesome debt with ease. Therefore there are people who can and people who can’t. Two sides. One with obstacles, the other without. The cost for college is not an equal opportunity for all.

A famous line quotes “ knowledge is free.” This of course does not fit the description. What I’m asking you to do, next President, is to propose a new system that offers a true chance of opportunity for all those seeking a greater education. Some way to get around all this debt. If all are created equal, then consider the following: All students no matter the the income, race, background, religion, beliefs, or any characteristics that hold no significance, should be given a chance to apply to college and attend with little difficulty of affording such an education. Thank you for your time.


Cody W.

8th grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, Michigan

Evart Middle School

5th Block

8th Grade Language Arts

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