Jackie C. Washington

Dump the Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

You may be one of the richest men in America, or at least rich enough to buy your way into being a presidential candidate, but are your ideals really focusing on making “America Great Again” if you’re busy building our military and creating the Great Wall of Mexico? Trump, there are many issues I would like to go further in depth with you, but I’m going to focus on my peers and I, the youth of America. Let me give you a few reasons why our youth is more important than your plans to stop immigration and the further knowledge of future American citizens.

In the description of your Education video, you stated, “I will end common core. It’s a disaster.” This is a good idea overall because common core does not make sense when challenging each child on the same test that others will naturally do better or worse in. However, you only talk about ending common core and how our education system is ranked 28th in the world, behind many 3rd world countries. Nowhere in that speech did you talk about how we will end common core or what we’ll replace it with. So there is no true solution to your cause except “spending more money” on education.

From an immigrant’s perspective, if you stop Muslims and Mexicans from crossing our borders, what good is that going to do? You are only separating families who already live here and causing a divide between countries. People living in poor countries should have the opportunity to be free by working hard and getting the job they’ve always dreamed of getting. You clearly state “If we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country. We need to BUILD A WALL that will keep illegal immigrants out.” Okay, well if you want to spend so much money on building a greater education for the youth in America, don’t you think it would be smarter if you thought of how to fix the education system instead of spending money of a wall to divide Mexico and America? There should be more regulations on the border that stop those from crossing America illegally like what we’re already doing to stop drugs from getting smuggled across the border. Building the wall will do little to no good because transportation from America to Mexico will still be provided by planes. What about the good people who want to visit Mexico for family reasons and vacation? This will stop American people’s freedom to travel to such a close country. This plan is overall pointless because illegal immigrants come from everywhere, not just Mexico.

As a whole, you do not fit the frame of a well-rounded President. Your plans are outrageous, when you think of one, and your ideas are far-fetched. From immigrants to education, you only touched a little part of education to look good, but that is not your main priority if you can only talk about how our country has a low education standard and not how to actually solve education. Immigration is why America became the country it is today, not how it’s falling apart. We get a sense of how other countries live and are aware of different cultures. Without immigration, we are deteriorating our youth of education itself from non-exposure to the way people around the world think.