Yuriko C. California

A Country of Immigrants

There are 318.9 million people in the United States of America, 26% of them are immigrants. Immigrants have paved the path for future generations and created the culture we have today. How will you, future president, deal with immigration?

Dear Future President, 

I am a person who descended from immigrants, my grandparents and their families came to America looking for a better life. They worked hard to begin a life and support their family, in the United States of America. They came to this country for opportunity, they took a risk to come here and they came to better their lives and create something for themselves.

John F. Kennedy once said, "We are a nation of immigrants." From the very first settlers in 1607 to a family fleeing for freedom in 2016, I cannot find the previous quote any more true. What makes America so unique is that we are a country of diverse people with cultures from all over the world. Anyone from anywhere can come to America and make a living for themselves, that is the American Dream. That is the dream my grandparents worked so hard to achieve, it is the goal that people spend years striving for. As the president, do not deflate this dream, do not crush foundation where this country was built. 

For such a young country we have come so far. From putting the man on the moon to uniting the nations. We have high technology, good school systems, and freedom; people used to dream about a place that has what we have. Out of nothing we created a country that every hardworking individual can call home. How many other countries can say that? With people from all over, each cultured to their own ancestry, we are able to win wars and advance further and faster in science.  

From my grandparents, I have heard the struggles and strength it takes to come here and make something out of nothing. Carrying only hope, they cross the boarder and come to a new country, leaving their fears behind. In every American's ancestry it leads to an immigrant coming for a better life. Isn't that what this country is all about? Isn't that what we stand for? Sincerely think through why this country has been so great for this long.

I think we should organize a better immigration plan and should make citizenship more accessible and available in more areas. We should develop a process where immigrants are not forced to immigrate illegally. They already put everything on the line to come to our country, why should we refuse their arrival? I also think we should recognize the roles immigrants play in our country and how important they are, we should award and recognize them for their hard work and everlasting determination. Lady Liberty guided the way for our fellow immigrants, and as she passes her bronze torch to us, the future generations, I think we should do the same.  Thank you and congratulations. 


Yuriko Chavez 

Edgewood Middle/High School

Computer Technology P2

EHS Computer Technology P2

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