Shamar H. Massachusetts


Immigration Policy

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

My name is Shamar Hicks. I'm from Boston, MA. I was already in the US when I was born. I'm 16 years of age and the topic that I am going to talk about is immigration. This issue affects the whole community because most people are coming into the US illegally and having kids here. In other words, parents are born outside the US and they have children once they enter the US which results in tough decisions  about whether these people should be citizens or not. 

My current position on the topic is how immigration policies should run.  Whether it should end, change, or continue on. My best recommendation on how this should be handled is to grant immigrants automatic citizenship once they come here. If they're here illegally, it don't matter. Same with their kids as well even if they're born here and their parents are not. 

This topic is very important for our next president because it helps improve the community and turns it into a "paradise" instead of people dying, getting hurt, arrested and such. 

Thank You!!