Rachael W. Missouri


My opinion on immigration might be very different from others; immigrants have a harsh life in their country and I'm hoping to show you my point of view and understanding of what I think of it all.

        Dear Future President, 

           I just wanted to share a few things about immigration that have interested me. I just want all immigrants to have  a better life in America. I hope my ideas will help change some things and persuade some actions to be taken. 

          When immigrants choose to come to America it is because they want a better life for themselves. What happens is they pay an abundant amount of money to cross the border. The next thing is they board on a ship that takes them to their destination. This can range from days to weeks depending on everything when arriving from their original country, They will then go through an examination that can take up from as much as 3-4 hours. This is to make sure they have no diseases and are safe to proceed through, almost like a checkpoint. This process can be very scary for the immigrants if they are sick then they are hospitalized and if they cannot get better they are then forced to be sent home to their original country. 

         Another issue i feel immigrants face is going to school in America. The schooling back home is entirely different from the United States. Public schools have a tendency to struggle teaching immigrants. Teaching them in public schools could push back everyone and it will just take more time and effort. I personally feel that we could educate immigrants, which everyone deserves the very best, I think the government could pay more and this could allow more programs to help gain what they need and that could help them in the future for jobs. 

        I truly believe that everyone deserves the chance and many immigrants struggle with this process. In their original country its not always its not always the best, they don't always get the fresh water we take for granted or a warm bed or a roof over their heads. These are things I think need to be changed and making it easier on them would defiantly help in my opinion for their happiness. 

                                                                                                                                             Sincerely , 

                                                                                                                                             Rachael W.