Ruben Minnesota


This is a letter that talks about problems of Bullying and how to prevent it.

October 4, 2016

Dear President.

I would like to state an issue that affects me and a lot more people from many ages. This issue has to

do with “bullying”. Bullying shouldn’t be something we all see everyday and pass it by something we see

everyday and in my opinion ALL types of bullying should be illegal.

Some of the reasons that I want bullying to change are because the only people who “like” bullying

are the same bullies. An article by LA Times states that “The victims of bullying are 2 times more likely

to contemplate suicide and 2.5 times more likely to try and kill themselves than other kids who are not

victims of bullying”. Also another article by LA Times states that “Victims of bullying suffer the

psychological consequences all the way until middle age, with higher depression,anxiety, and thoughts of

suicide”. In other words kids that were bullied as little kids will continue to suffer as adults because of

other kids wanting to have fun. I can say that being bullied is not much fun and i’ve had experienced it

but not as much as other people that have way worse situation than I do.

This is what I want to do I just want you to make Bullying illegal. Make more anti-bullying

commercials, mostly anything to get the word out of no more bullying. You could also do some more

“reunions” for anti-bullying in at least most schools in the US. I hope you have a good 4 years running or

even maybe 8 years, good luck president.