Elijah S. Nevada

A Failing Relationship

The relationships between Police Officers and the people of this United States is failing and seems to be worsening, we must mend it.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President

History shows that the relationship between people of color and the police of this country has never been commendable. Statistics show that the confidence in police rating has been historically last in 2015 and is still under sixty percent in 2016. This is unacceptable. Because of this low confidence rating, especially from the colored community, there has been and will continue to be a vicious cycle of murder and criminal activity. It starts with the way officers are placed into different communities. There are millions of police officers patrolling neighborhoods that they don't belong to. To most it would seem like that doesn't matter, but let me ask you this. Would you be hateful towards an officer when the officers covering your neighborhood are people you have relationships with? Would these cops be more likely or less likely to be as aggressive to the American people when they live near them or are connected to them? This is only the first step in mending the broken relationships between the two. Secondly, we have to hand out justice when it is deserved. There have been too many instances in since America has become a nation when a police officer has unjustly murdered somebody, brutally beat someone, harassed them, or sometimes even rape women with absolutely no justice. It's not only a race issue, the system is broken altogether. It starts where police officers stop backing their fellow officers when they are in the wrong. Police training is also flawed if these officers are supposed to be trained to take down people by the hand to hand combat, why don't they use it? There is a significant hole in that area. Overall it starts it with justice, when justice is handed out, the trust between both sets of people will begin to rise.

We as American people need to also learn to not be belligerent during police encounters even though there is a bad history between the two. We need to learn our rights and learn how to not come off as a threat. It's unreasonable to expect all people to have a nice attitude towards cops because sometimes people have bad days, but we must learn self-control. We also need to stop committing a crime, but that's obvious.

I have a plan to fix all of this. First, we force police officers to be fitter and to be able to take down people without lethal force or taser, but by hand to prevent unjust murder, unrest, or protest. We put in a plan to let cops police the neighborhoods they are connected to in hopes of improving the relationship and lowering crime. We work towards improving our justice system when it comes to officers so they can actually be truthfully convicted or dropped of charges by changing judges with bad backgrounds and improving jury selection. We discourage, frown upon and even criminalize the police blue brotherhood code in which they stick up for each other even when they commit illegal acts.

Switching to the people, we force students to take government classes so they can know their rights which would help prevent illegal court proceedings and illegal cops activity. With the improved justice in the judicial system, the trust between our people and police officers will increase and would decrease bad encounters between the two. Crime will never stop but it will at least be decreased if everything goes well.

This is an extremely tall order and can not be achieved in 1 year or 4 years, but it can be executed by an energetic president. I ask you to be energetic and do your best to follow the things I've recommended to fix a huge issue in this country. Good luck, Mr./Mrs. President.

Canyon Springs HS

Mock Trial

Senior Magnet Students

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