Zalma F. California


Racism is around the world,but did you know every child deserves their education.It Doesn't matter what your race or skin color you are.People are getting attacked of what skin color they are.But, lets stop this today.

October 27,2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter because I believe that racism should be stopped because it doesn’t matter what skin color you are.This affects the environment because people start to be racist, this turns out to be cruel to people. Racisms happens a lot. However, there’s no need for it. Being racist to someone is horrible, racisms can affect someone’s feelings and can also cause suicide. There is 750,000 cases of suicide because of racisms.

The term racisms also describe discrimination against people of a certain ethnic group.Examples of racisms, segregation,slavery,genocide,inequality, police brutality.Legal opposition. of racisms at the United Nation,the European Union,UNESCO and many other world organization.There are many tragic racism relating to the period of apartheid in South Africa.Apartheid meaning “the state of being apart”.This was a segregation enforced by the government of the National party, who were in power from 1948 to 1994.

Another way of interpreting racism is to consider not just conscious forms of discrimination,but also unconscious prejudices,and stereotypes.This means generalization about someone based on their race or ethnicity.For example, in a paradigm such as, “All white people do X, all black people do Y,” is also inherently racist.Racism can emerge in social beliefs and practices,or political system that differentiate between people based on racial or ethnic qualities.

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