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Gun Rights and a Safer and Unified Nation

This is my letter to the next POTUS. I believe that we need to reinforce the safety of this nation. Gun Rights are a major topic currently and they need to be taken seriously. By making clearer gun laws and setting good standards, I believe we can change our nation and make it safer.

Dear Next President of the U.S.,

We are going into a very difficult time in our country as well as our world. There is a lot of hate in the world right now and I want to see this change. America has the potential to turn this tide around as we have such a major influence in the global society. In our country, by setting up clearer gun rights, I think we will be able to prevent tragedies from happening, and create a safer community. I would like to see you, Next President, to take a stand on making sure that the U.S. sets the example for a strong and unified nation. We need to present a safe and trustworthy country and hold our elected officials and executives of the country to a high standard to get things done and be more transparent. I believe that setting the example, creating strong policies and being more honest with the people is a way to do that. And having a safe environment is the first step. By tackling gun rights I think would be a good first step to set the standard for what is to be expected in the U.S.

I want to see you unify our country more and solidify how to make it safe. No matter what views you may have on the people in our country, I think it is vital that we change the way our country faces immigration, stereotypes and racial profiling. I also think that in this day and age, gun rights need to be brought up and discussed more frequently. I feel that this was an issue that wasn't talked about enough in the three presidential debates, and should have been a bigger focus. We've had so many problems with gun violence just this past summer and it needs to stop.


Foster D.

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