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Police Brutality

Ways to help stop police brutality and its effects.

Dear Future President,

       Police brutality is a very important subject that needs to be discussed. When I look at police officers and firefighters I feel inspired. I believe that they're here to protect us and keep the criminals away. Lately, I haven't been feeling that way and I'm sure a lot of us haven't. On behalf of myself and people who feel the same way, I believe police shootings and murders need to be stopped. 

       We need to have sympathy for everyone and not just ourselves.  Victims families and friends are enraged and want justice for their loved ones. People are marching in the cities and and burning down police stations. Hatred for the police is becoming more and more volatile. Black people are being  profiled by some white police officers. When a white officer kills a a black man who turned out to be innocent, then who's fault is it? The victims? The officer? Mothers and fathers are losing their sons and daughters because of police brutality. Black Americans are highly upset. 

     Is it racism? Most people think so. Most people think that because a white officer kills a black man it's racism. Believe it or not, racism is still in people. Why is that? We may never know, but with your help it can stop. You are the president, and you can make many things happen. People in our community will stand up for whats right because all they want is justice. Although this world is cold, with the outrage over gun use, you can help stop it. 

     I've come up with some ideas to help. In the police academy, more officers can be trained to do certain things such as shooting when it is time to shoot, not just because they feel threatened but because they know when it is time to shoot. They could put cameras on cops uniforms, just to be sure that when something goes down they will have proof of what really happened. And we wouldn't have to do all this accusing and blaming.  We should have more respect for all citizens, black people, and the innocent ones, because you may not know what somebody is going through. As a president I feel like you should help pass a law about young ones having a gun or being caught with a gun to go to jail. Because there are so many young boys in this world gang banging and shooting people and killing people. So if there was a law then those who do wrong will be taken care of.



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