Cameron Oklahoma

Future President

This my letter to the next President about what I think on this election and this country

Dear Future President,

To whom ever wins the election I hope you know that there are many problems with this country that you need to address. One of the main issues is foreign politics you’ve problems with our neighboring countries and the ones over sea as well and that will be bad for our country in more ways than one. For our trade, our lives, and everyone else in this world and if not fixed you may start world war 3.

Gun control is another problem I understand that people are being stupid and shooting up places but why are you taking away guns from the people who aren’t and need them to defend themselves from people like that. Because if you do ban guns people will still find a way to get them and not all the people that get them will have good intentions.

Border control is also a problem I agree it needs to happen but deporting all those illegals we already have will cost millions. There needs to be a new system but not like you are suggesting.

I do hope that you will take what I’ve said into consideration.


Cameron Lee

Guthrie High School

Guthrie High School Seniors!

Senior Class of 2017 GHS!

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