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The Indisputable Importance of Bullying

According to the New York Times, in 2016 suicide surpassed traffic death fatalities as the number one cause teenage death. Many teachers seem unaware of bullying. Training on bullying for teachers would be a good idea to bring to my school and others.

Dear Future President

Bullying in schools is a serious issue which has very serious effects on high school students. According to, ¨Between 2006 and 2014, the suicide rate among Americans 19 and under rose from 2.18 to 2.75 per 100,000 people.¨ According to the New York times, in 2016 suicide has surpassed traffic death fatalities as the number one cause teenage death. In my school and many others bullying gets unoticed. I have personally witnessed fellow classmate of mines bullied constantly for two months in which the teacher in charge seemed unaware of the bullying.Therefore I think it would be a beneficial idea to increase teacher training on bullying. Training that teaches and informs them on how to take action against bullying.

Teachers play a significant role in school.They are the the ones who teach you what you need to know and are always there to give you aid if needed.Many teachers wish to do the best they can for their students and are there to assist them in achieving their best selves academically.Bullying happens when teachers are not aware. Bullying can play out over the course of a month, to a year in which the teacher seems unaware of the extreme situation at hand.

According to ¨teachers want to help stop bullying, but they don’t know how¨.The problem is that there is not enough in depth training on how to deal with bullying for teachers .There training needs to be able to carry over to real life situations. The department of education and its safe and supportive technical assistance have created a state of the art training for teachers on bullying.According to ¨ The two-part training aims to help teachers know the best practices to stop bullying on the spot and how to stop it before it starts¨.A training program like this could be very beneficial for my school and many others.

The focus on teachers training has been on being able to teach effectively.There is also not enough pressure being put on teachers to assess bullying in the classroom.Also another big cause of this may be because of the mindset most teachers have towards school.Which has been the same as always ,an educational mindset.These are all substantial reasons why most teachers seem unaware of bullying activities that may go down in the classroom.

Training on bullying for teachers would be a good idea to bring to my school and others. The training would force them to be more aware of student interactions in the classroom.Once teachers complete the training they will be able to recognize any form of bullying that goes on in the classroom. They also will be able to address it in an effective way that ensures the victim and bully get dealt with in a appropriate manner. In the end, hopefully it can train teachers on how to be more deeply connected with their students on the social level rather than just the educational.In hopes of putting a stop to bullying in schools.


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