Emily B. Oklahoma

The Cost of College

The rising cost of college is a major issue in America today. These costs need to be lowered in order to progress as a country.

Dear future President,

One of the rising problems in America today is the cost of college. Many people, including myself, have been raised to believe that college is a must in order to have a good job later on in life. This belief is not wrong, for most jobs now require some sort of college degree, but the one of the main problems in achieving this goal is the expensiveness of college.

As a high school senior applying for college I have been made aware of these ridiculous costs, and it has had a major influence on my decisions of where to attend college. Should I go where I would get the best education, but end each year with over 30,000 dollars in debt? Or should I go where I get an okay education, and end each year with over 8,000 dollars in debt? In either decision I will have more debt than I will be able to pay, especially coming from a lower-middle-class family. But these problems I face are often magnified for students coming for lower-income families, for they have even less money to pay for college. This is not okay; the cost of college needs to be changed so that everyone has the same opportunity for success. With having such a high cost for college, many people have to reconsider even going to college. If we are going to progress as a country, we need to have an educated public. The future of America is going to be based off technology, and to be an innovative country we need educated people. The future of America is also based on our spending, especially if over 1.25 trillion dollars of the mandatory budget goes to unemployment and labor. By getting a college degree, people are less likely to be unemployed. By having more employed people, the government would not have to spend as much money on unemployed people, thus letting the economy would be able to flourish, for more money can be put into the economy.

College tuition needs to become affordable so that we can rebuild our economy. This issue may not be able to be addressed immediately when you take office, but I hope that you will consider reducing college tuition for the future of our country.