reagan Georgia

Anxiety Is Ruining My School Life

Anxiety in school is putting students at risk!

Dear Future President,

I have noticed that in my friend group and school many people have an anxiety disorder. It is not fair to these students that teachers know this and still push it aside like it’s not a problem.

The problem is that students and teachers know this and choose to ignore it because it doesn't seem important. According to a fellow student with anxiety one thing teachers do to bring out someone's anxiety is to call them out or put them on the spot during class. Also according to a fellow student with anxiety, her anxiety kicks in when someone bullies or makes fun of her. The last thing the fellow student with anxiety said is that large, loud crowds can make her anxiety come out, for example when we are transitioning to other classes. All of these things can lead up to a major anxiety attack and a student in the hospital.

There are many solutions to these problems. A major solution is that you could approach your Secretary of Education and encourage her to make a nationwide program for students with not only anxiety but depression too. In this program you include these following solutions. If a teacher has a problem with anxiety then they can approach the student after class. Next is to have frequent council meetings for these students. For example the Monday before the election a friend and I are going to see a counselor about a friend with anxiety and depression we are worried about. Another thing you could include in this program is to let these students out a minute or two early before the transitioning starts to happen so that they can beat the crowd.

You could say that anxiety isn’t a real issue or big deal. Although a fellow student with anxiety agrees with that most of the time she says it's not necessarily true. She states that anxiety attacks don't just make you jittery but can cause your heart to slow down or sped up really fast and can eventually lead to being hospitalized. It is not fair that these students are at such great risk and nothing is being done to help them make their school life more enjoyable.

Anxiety is a big problem at schools in America. As the new president of America I know u can make a change in all of these students’ lives.

Thank you for your consideration,

Reagan F.