Mariam I. Tennessee

Student Tuition

My letter is about how student tuition is increasing every year preventing numerous students from going to college and how tuition price should decrease.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on winning the 2016 President election! Since you are the President now, I would like to discuss about why student tuition should decrease in the United States because it affects many young adults’ future. As a student, my goal in future is to graduate from college with a doctoral degree but with this problem, it might be hard. Multiple difficulties students starts to have beginning in high school. Students who can not get enough financial aid are stressed over college because they are not capable to have enough money to pay for four years of college which is about $37,700 especially at a young age when starting new life.

Also, many students would want to go to college and get a full education but simply, since the college tuition is increasing every year will cause more students not to attend college. According to “Our Everyday Life” website, it stated that, “The cost of a college degree has risen steadily over the past three decades, with Bloomberg News reporting a 1,200-percent increase since 1978 -- outpacing the rate of inflation. CNN reports that as of 2012, the average private school tuition is about $25,000, while the average public school tuition is just under $6,000. State budget cuts have mandated faster tuition increases over the past several years, and these tuition hikes can have unintended -- and occasionally disastrous -- consequences for college students.” That could cause to many student miss this opportunity in life then it would really affect their future. In addition, some researches says that American Dream is almost dead and one of the reasons that was shared was about students could not pay because of how high money they have today. In conclusion, it would really be good idea to investigate this problem before it cause failure to a lot of Americans.

Thank you,


Mariam. I

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