Garrett M. North Dakota

America's Divided Unity

Recent outbreaks of riots around the U.S. are causing America to separate.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President:

Our country is a great place to live, considering the tyranny and poverty that some other countries have to deal with. However, recent events have considerably brought our country’s unity to a dangerous point. As we sit on the potential brink of another civil war, here is an issue that is driving America to separation.

This issue, which relates to many Americans, is the recent police involved shootings. There are some cases where officers are surely at fault, such as the reserve police officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma who mistook his gun for his taser, according to “Ex-Oklahoma deputy Robert Bates guilty of killing unarmed suspect” at Higher quality and more frequent training could prevent situations like that. The majority of shootings, however, are caused by citizens not listening to the officer’s orders. Police officers are trained to defend themselves when they feel their lives, or others, are in danger. The person causing this unsafe situation, though sometimes not armed, is usually involved in illegal activity anyway and disregarding the officer’s instructions. So why is it that a lawbreaking and reckless citizen’s life matters more than those who serve and protect us? These shootings often result in riots, causing damage to homes and businesses, and also injuries to other people. It doesn't matter if a person is white, black, Asian, or Hispanic. If the police officer is telling them to do something, they should do it. It is often for their own safety as well as the officers.

I believe that the solution to this violent problem could be a simple speech, given by yourself. Simply providing an alternative point of view should be sufficient for people to think before they act. Realization of people’s mistakes will help people avoid making mistakes in the future.

Our country is great. There is no denying that, when looking at other places around the world. That being said, we have the potential to be much greater, and it is up to you to help us achieve that greatness.


Garrett Mahin