Shane B. North Dakota

Take the step

I thought college opened up more financial possibilities, but it is starting to look like it's digging us a larger hole than we need to be in.

Dear Future President,

Colleges have always been raising their prices, but now that we take a look back we see they are getting out of control. From 2009-2010, college prices rose by over 7%. The institutions may benefit from this but us as citizens do not. Just imagine if you were a kid from a lower-middle class family that was accepted to their first choice college, but like 57% of other people you can’t afford it. This country needs to stop thinking about money and more about getting everyone an education.

When I was little I dreamed I was going to go to a great college, and I was going to become successful and have a great life. In most cases people don’t even get a shot at a dream like this, because they aren’t able to afford the first step, college. I live with people that tell me I can be whatever I want to be. Most people can’t get their perfect education, but I think they should get a shot at it. Many people have tried to go to college even though they are struggling financially. That’s the main reason why kids are forced to drop out before they can get their degree. Do you think us as Americans shouldn’t be able to succeed in life?

In 2015 the average college debt of a graduate was over $25,000, and in most cases that takes 10 or possibly more years, just to pay off. If you have to get a loan to pay for your college tuition it can have major effects on your life after college. Lately fewer people have been able to afford homes because of college debt, and many college graduates have to live with their parents because of college debt. A lot of parents work their hardest to put their children through college and most that try that route, have been negatively affected because their retirement fund suffered. 

So I beg you, Mr. or Mrs. President, to put this on the top of your to-do list. Us as American citizens need your help, and so does our country's future.

Sincerely, Shane B.