Jake P. Ohio

Not So Greenhouse Gasses

Citizens of the US do not realize how much harm they are doing. Dangerous fumes being exhaled from the backs of our cars and lower class Americans having no freedom but the upper class getting everything?! This country is in need of a checkup.

Dear Next President:

In this next generation, we will have the technology to slow down the emission of greenhouse gases all around the Unites States. I have some recommendations for our next president. This country has had its pros and cons throughout the years, I will be going one con that I think is important, Greenhouse Gasses. I will be looking at three things this country needs to improve and how we can improve it. All of this is just an opinion.

First, the amount of greenhouse gasses that are being let into the air by the US alone, is a huge number. Approximately 6.8 thousand in 2014 alone. The highest we had was in 2007 at 7.4 thousand emissions. The lowest amount was in 1992 at 6,200 and second lowest at 2012 with 6,400 emissions, that is a lot of dangerous pollution for a country that has electric cars and solar plants.

The chemicals inside of these greenhouse gases consist of most CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) which is in the air we breathe, that is how it becomes a breathable gas that can cause harm to or bodies. Another ingredient is CH4 (Methane) which is flammable and could seriously injure someone if released into the lungs. The last one is N2O (Nitrous Oxide), that is used in motor fuel and breathing it in is almost equivalent to smoking a cigarette. There are a lot more chemicals inside of greenhouse gas, but they are not as dangerous.

There are ways to slow down and even get rid of the spread of dangerous fumes. Most of the gases are let out in car engines, fuel and cow manure. If we fund electric cars (ex. Tesla) we can cause a lot less damage to the environment and its living, breathing animals. Start the process of making safe engines with less harmful chemical compounds and feed animals organic non GMO food that makes the animals healthier.

I think the most important out of all three of these is the greenhouse gas emissions because it kills living things. Pollution is ruining our atmosphere so we are lowering how many years this world has left until it is all over and nuclear power is very popular in all of the United States. Soon enough other countries will try to get nuclear energy and fail and they will try to take out America and we will all go into a nuclear fallout. What I am saying is that maybe we should help the environment and make everyone else in this world care for it.



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