Osa Minnesota

Gun Control

Gun control is a big issue in America and it needs to be solved.

Dear Future President,

Controlling guns isn't very easy with all the easy access we have to them. There needs to be ways to keep people safe, and not having other people's loved ones get hurt. Ways of helping gun control would be better background checks, stricter laws with guns and restrictions on where guns are sold.

Federal Laws doesn't require universal background checks, (smartgunlaws.org). That is a huge problem because that means someone could be a criminal and should not be owning a gun. “Individuals prohibited by law from possessing guns can easily obtain guns from private sellers and do so without any Federal records of the transactions” (smartgunlaws.org). Private sellers can make a great amount of money from selling guns based on the faint rules that are put in place by the government. There are reasons why the people who are buying guns from private sellers shouldn't be having guns and really, there is nothing to stop it unless we do better background checks of everyone buying guns and making sure they're clear documents of everyone who should have guns.

There needs to be laws that have strict policies, if they are broken than punishments should be enforced. A national instant criminal check was required for anyone trying to purchase guns, but later ended due to the Virginia tech shooting in 2007 (gun-control.procon.org). It ended because of one person who is crazy enough to do the shooting, if there is a solution that works for a while it shouldn't end just because of one thing, if something happens all the time there \

won't be anything to stop majority of crime. President Obama took action to gun control on January fifth, 2016 to expand background checks, “Closing the gun show loophole” (gun-control.procon.org). President Obama enforcing background checks will help with the law set in place because of the actions of other people will stop doing things so much against the law with someone in charge enforcing them repetitively.

Guns are being sold in so many different places and that can cause illegal gun carriers. Guns need to have limits at where they're sold so there isnt easy access to them. Most undocumented transactions, 60 percent said they bought guns from a gun store, (Newsweek.com). That proves that people can assess guns through places that are supposed to be safe and professional but that doesn't always happen. An estimated third of gun transactions are private and don't go through federal background checks (time.com). That means people need to keep better track who's buying guns at stores and how many and to double, triple check their documents. There needs to be a limit of guns people can buy from places like, Wal-Mart for example, or any gun store to reduce crime rates and illegal gun sales.

There are people who do support hunting, and just being able to have gun access all the time. Guns can make people feel safe at home but that can also be the opposite.

I have a personal connection with this issue. My cousin who goes to Rosevelt University in Chicago was planning to go out with his girlfriend on Halloween to the loop. His girlfriend lived in a apartment next to a gas station. They were waiting for the bus outside of the gas station when all of a sudden the glass structure of the bus stop shattered. My cousins girlfriend thought the glass shattered because it was cold, she didn't think much of it until my cousin looked at her and said they had to run, she then saw he was bleeding. He got cut by the glass that was shattered by a gunshot, that they found out was by a gang member because it was apparently a gang gathering. They could've both easily been killed or seriously injured because of some people who shouldn't be having guns goofing off. This could've been a better situation with background checks, better gun laws and restricting where guns are sold.

In conclusion guns need to be taken more seriously and be taken better care of. Ways of keeping us safe would be what was mentioned, better laws, background checks and places of where guns are being sold. These could save so many lives and it really needs to be a serious thing.

Sincerely, Osa Ulland