Jeff H. New York

Make America Great Again

I wrote a letter to our next president regarding the issue of defeating ISIS

Dear President,

I know I'm not the only one that is angry on how innocent families are being killed across the world and the United States is the biggest target. So we should mostly focus on the war on terrorism. The main terror group today is ISIS. ISIS is becoming the biggest terror group in the world,they are putting fear into people's eyes and we need to stop this.

ISIS was a part of the original Al-Qaeda terrorist group until their leader Osama Bin Laden was killed by our U.S. troops.The sworn goal of ISIS is to form a religious state. So for them to make that happen they are purging the once-thriving Christian towns and villages around Mosul. How do they do it? They use tactics of intimidation, such as destruction of holy sites and artifacts from other religions, mass killings, and public executions posted on the social media.

I believe the best idea is to put U.S. troops with the troops of Iraq and together they can take down ISIS. Like I said before they are trying to take other religious towns and spread their religion. Therefore if we have some Iraqi troops gathered around those towns they wouldn’t be able to control those towns. Also if we get help from our allies, because believe it or not they are being affected by the situation too, they would help put a stop to the spread radical violence. The more people that we get to help us stop ISIS the better chance we get to defeat them.

Over the time we have found out who the main ruler is of ISIS. He goes by the name of Baghdadi. If we stop him then we stop ISIS. The United States is not the only country that is feared by ISIS but all the countries around Syria are affected because ISIS is moving fast into those countries. Also affects the families of the victims that being killed. We the U.S. annoyed because every time we turn on the news we the breaking news headline “ISIS strikes again”.

I”m in not the only one that thinks we should destroy ISIS. There are many perspectives because everyone thinks that ISIS is a huge threat to us and we are just waiting for that next attack on us to happen. They are killing all the innocent people around the world and their families are getting angry that it's going around the world and they want it to end.

In conclusion I say as soon as you step in the office that your 1st priority is end terrorism, so that we the citizens can feel safe again. Make America great again.



Niskayuna New York