Madison E. Georgia


People in the LGBT community need more rights and to be discriminated less.

Future president,

Millions of people in the world believe that same-sex relationships are wrong or are a “sin.” There is nothing you can do about that, but what you can do is be more careful and more serious about what happens to people in the LGBT community. People in this community are highly discriminated. LGBT rights need to be enforced more strongly.

LGBT people should not have to worry about being attacked every time they are out in a public area. People apart of this group are discriminated more than any other minority group in the world. In fact, they are twice more likely to be targeted than African-Americans. Hateful attacks are happening to people in the community in short time spans. Between the years of 2012 and 2015 there has been total of 88 attacks in a time span of only 3 years; all of these attacks were fatal. Gay nightclubs and bars have worried owners for this exact reason. On June 12, 2016 the worst mass shooting in all of American history occurred at a popular gay/lesbian nightclub, this shooting left 49 people dead. Forty-nine people, 49 families, maybe more suffered from these lives lost, for what? Sexual orientation? People are suffering from something they cannot help, losing their lives, having to spend weeks, for some years in the hospital, all because of mass discrimination. No, not everyone in the world agrees with same-sex relationships/marriages, but people shouldn’t have to be afraid. People shouldn’t have to worry that bad things are going to happen to them for them just being who they are. Young kids between the ages of 5 and 17 are still figuring out their sexual orientation, some already know. Parents of these young children should not have to worry and be more protective because of the attacks that have happened over the past years.

In California, second graders will take lessons about life that were never discussed in school before. Teachers will discuss with students families that have two moms or two dads. Students all over the country should be learning about this, not just students in one state. This is important because kids need to be taught to have open-minds and to accept everyone. They need to learn that two mom, two dads, girls liking girls, boys liking boys is okay. Some kids are afraid of coming out in fear of being discriminated and bullied. In North Carolina, there is a law that states that in public schools and universities that it must be ensured that students use the restroom that corresponds with their birth certificate. Transgender men and women shouldn’t be forced to use the restrooms that go against what they identify as. Things like this are the reason that people are so afraid. Why would anyone want to have to live like that? Certain jobs should require interviews talking about thoughts on the subject; jobs such as teachers, social workers, police officers, lawyers, and judges, really any job that requires working with people, because it helps to stop people from being discriminated by higher up authorities.

As goes for security, the government should be well aware of what happens to the community. Security needs to be more amplified at gay/lesbian night clubs and at events like parades and festivals. There should also be investments in surveillance cameras for areas with large amount of LGBT members. Attack amounts are only getting larger and this is because laws against people in the community aren’t being taken as seriously as they should be. Death, it’s not a laughing matter; it shouldn’t be taken any less seriously just because of the sexual orientation of the person. It’s unfair to the families and the victims.

There are many things you can do to protect the LGBT community. More laws can be repealed and more can be passed. People apart of this group shouldn’t have to live in fear of being hurt or discriminated. No person should be treated differently because of who they are or aren’t attracted to, it’s not something that anyone has the ability to change, and the population is just going to grow in the future. No one should have to be looked down on.


Madison E.