Jennifer Michigan

Abortion is Murder

Why is the death of a baby abortion in some cases, but murder in others?

Dear Mr./Mrs. Future President,

                Right now abortion is a very touchy subject, but I would like to discuss this issue with you because abortion is murder. According to the CDC, in 2012 there were 699,202 legally performed abortions. That is 699,202 innocent lives taken. The babies did not have a say in whether or not they were to live or die. This evidence shows that close to a million abortions were performed! But, if you go out and kill a pregnant woman, it is counted as a double homicide. So how come the baby's life matters then, but it doesn’t matter in an abortion? How is aborting any different than killing someone?

                Many people want to make the cut off date for abortion 36 weeks. I do not agree with that because about 3 months ago my twin nieces were born at 35 weeks. My nieces were born with all 10 fingers and toes. They were 4lbs, 15oz, and 5lbs, 10oz and both babies were perfectly healthy. At this point a baby in the womb has hair, fingers, toes, and nails. This evidence shows that a baby in the womb has so many physical developments already that it would not be right to end its life.

                 If you get pregnant, there is a solution other than abortion: adoption. There are thousands of couples that cannot have a babies. Why would people still abort their child when there could be a family that would love to have a child and would take their baby in a split second? So I hope you can now see abortion as I see abortion. Thank you for your time and consideration.