Nancy L. Missouri

Sold! sold, as a sex slave

If you ask a group of 3 people and you asked them about human trafficking 1 out of those 3 will know what human trafficking is. Be informed about the dangers, be a catalyst and make a good impact on others, that's what they need to say.

Dear president,

I am a 9th grader and my class has been following the political debates. I know families who are hurt, and are damaged from their loss. So I am connected to this project because I would like to aware the public of human trafficking.

    Statistics show that any of my friends are more likely to get trafficked at this age. Different opinions, minds, or people.No one will fully agree on one thing. One thing that is horrible. Some people are heartless, and to think that those who are, are going to change their minds is by far impossible . Be a catalyst, be a leader ,make a great impact on others, that’s what people need say. According to a video on YouTube titled "Lets talk| Getting kidnapped" and sold by AsiaParisJapan. She was sold with her friend.Doing something she doesn't believe in. No one deserves to be treated as if they were a pig just to be made into bacon.According to this video she was sold into prostitution and her friend liked it and of course AsiaParisJapan didn't want to.

      According to an organization revolved around gathering teens to help change the world states that the average teen enters the sex trade in the u.s 12 to 14 years old ,many victims are runaway girls who are sexually abused children. Therefore, If your under the age of sixteen you are 50% More likely to get trafficked.According to an organization revolved around preventing sex trafficking states  that age. Age is the primary factor of vulnerability. pre-teen or adolescent girls are more susceptible to the ejaculated advances, deception, and manipulation tactics used by traffickers/pimps no youth is exempt from falling prey  to these tactics. Traffickers target locations youth frequent such as social media sites, schools, malls, parks, bus stops, shelters and group homes. Runaway or homeless youth as well as those with a history of physical and sexual abuse may have an increased risk of being trafficked.

They were kept like animals

In a small storage

Bought off to a stranger

They knew their life was endangered

“Once we are out” they said

“Hopefully we aren't all over the news papers”

No one fully understands whats going on in their head

When others are outside playing

They were inside alone scared to death

Just let me imagine

That you can

Free me from my sin

Free me from this prison

I did no treason

You left me alone with no reason

To let me free

Free free that's all i want to be

All i can see

Is the darkness covering me

I'm fighting for my life

With a thin thread

Hanging over me

With a knife

No one deserves to feel that way.

Frontier STEM High School


The best fourth block class in the world. Yessir!

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