Emily B. Missouri


Abortion laws should be different.

Dear Future president,

I hope one of the big issues you address and focus on while you are in office is abortion. People have the opinion that either abortion is okay or abortion is not okay. I also hope, after reading my letter your opinion on the specific topic of abortion will relate with mine, I think abortion is wrong most of the time. Abortion is wrong because it is not fair to the child. If a mother is out having unprotected sex, that’s not the child’s fault. Plus, it is a fact, that unborn fetuses can still feel the pain of the abortion. If a mom accidentally gets pregnant there are options such as adoption. On the other side if the mothers life is in danger abortion should be okay. But only if it is a 100% guarantee the mom will die if not. Also abortion is okay in rape cases. I think this because, it is not the moms fault she got raped and so she shouldn’t have to go through labor and pregnancy pain. So, abortion should be illegal except in cases of rape and if the mothers life is in danger. That’s how I feel on the topic of abortion and I hope you agree with my opinion.