Anna L. Ohio

Don't Be Shamed By What Others Say!

Do you listen to other people? Are you going to follow other people and do what the say, or be yourself. Bullying and cyber bullying is a big issue in teens lives today.

Dear Next President,

Our country, may not be perfect but we need to fix this issue,bullying and cyberbullying is one of the fastest growing problems in America. About 3.2 million students get bully every year, so because of that 17% of teens skip school every day. People need to stop bullying because about 2.3 million students get bullied every year and about 17% of teens skip school everyday. It is a bigger issue than we think because people are getting bullied everyday in their lives. Bullying is tearing apart families and friendship over one person that needs to stop being mean and taking advantage of the person they are bullying. Also bullying causes weight problems, anxiety and some student students are hurting and cutting themselves and that causes them to committed suicide.Bullying makes lovely people feel uncomfortable and brings they down and we want the loving people to feel good about themselves.

Cyberbullying is is such a huge problem because there's so much social media that you get judged on everything you say and do on social media. About 60% of teens never report that they have been cyberbullied, you would think with the technology people would be more safe but the teens on social media are so unsafe. Social media is a big part of teens life and everyday it gets more dangerous we people post more photos of themselves and share secrets to the wo. Also girls are twice as likely to get cyberbullied than boys because boys are the ones that as for stuff that gets the girls cyberbullied by boyd telling their friends. Bullying brings lot of pressure to the teens because everyday they are getting bullied the more stress they had causes suicide and that makes a lot of families and friend of the teen that committed suicide sad and causes a lot of problems for all the people.

I think this is a huge issue and need to have a talk with everyone because because of bullying people are scared and hurting themselves and sometimes committing suicide so, we are losing people we love and bullying just needs to stop because it is so bad for people and for our country. Cyberbullying and bullying is such an issue that we need talk to our children about because if they are the bully they will get in trouble and if they are the person that is is getting bully they might hurt himself or feel very bad about themselves. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!



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