Katelynn Michigan

Cyber bullying

Kids are hurt by these hurtful words.

Dear President,

Cyber bullying and bullying have been an issue for a long time, these days kids are miserable because they are getting harassed and bullied to the point where they think they have no way out of the situation they may be in. Kids miss school because they might not want to face the bully in person if they know who they are so it affects their education.

I have a personal connection to what people may be going through I’ve been to the point where I’ve wanted to end my life because I’ve gotten so much hatred from people in schools and online on social media. Also the effect of this is that I could have ended my life. But I do know that this and the experience has affected me as a person and it has changed me. I didn't want to go to school, or do anything because things got so bad.

There are many facts and statistics that prove that this situation does hurt can “kill” us students and kids. For example, suicide has gone up by 60% worldwide. Also some kids may turn to alcohol and drugs due to the bullying this may occur more in young teens. You can find these facts on www.dosomething.org also www.jahonline.org

Bullying is the cause of that issue because kids are hurt by these hurtful words and they think they have no way out of the situation and they take it out on themselves. It takes away their energy for life they are brought down by so much hatred they don't have energy for anything anymore.

More parents and adults need to realize that this is a worldwide issue and it needs to be taken care of because no kid should have to kill them self because they think that they aren't good enough. Parents should be more aware on what their kids say to other on social media like Instagram and Snapchat because the words from others can really hurt one another.

This is why I really think that the president should really takes this stuff seriously nobody should have the need to kill themselves because other people say they are not good enough for life. I really hope that this can be taken more seriously and that all the other kids life can be saved from this.       

Northview High School

4th Hour

Mrs. Pitt's 4th hour 9th grade English students.

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