Elena G. Ohio

Why Can't There Be Peace

The oil company is destroying the Native American land and harming them. The Native Americans want to protect their water for us and everyone else. They want their water to be clean and no oil bursts happening and contaminating the water. They are peacefully protesting

โ€œWe live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.โ€ Hello! Congrats on winning the election. I would like to bring a worldwide issue to you, the North Dakota access oil pipeline. The oil pipeline would go through 6 states that have fresh water and it could contaminate their drinking water .

The Lakota tribes are protecting their land and their sacred burial ground and it is a non-violent protest. The tribes are not protesters but they call themselves water protectors. They are guarding the water because, if the pipeline burst it can ruin everyone's fresh water source. That includes the Mississippi river These Native Americans are very sacred about the burial grounds and how they are supposed to stay where they are supposed too.

They are also very sacred about their land and their drinking water, they don't want their land/water being ruined by an oil outburst. On the other hand, the pipeline company is taking violence to a whole new level. The pipeline company has hired โ€œgoonsโ€ and cops to protect them, but what they are doing is very illegal. They are arresting the Native Americans or no reason, strip searching them, shooting the native Americans and profiling them.

They are not doing anything wrong and yet, the pipeline company is destroying their camps, coming into their sweat lodges and pulling people away. What they are doing is illegal and not right. While the Native Americans have said they are committed to peaceful unarmed protests, demonstrations have turned violent. Police have been criticised for using excessive force, including spraying crowds with pepper spray and firing sound cannons, bean bag rounds and rubber bullets Jacqueline Keeler from the Sioux tribe told the BBC: "They used a sonic device and then also they used rubber bullets and we have shots of people who had rubber bullets right to the face."They Mace's elders right in the face. They dragged people out of sweat lodges [steam baths]. They shot one 15-year-old boy's horse and killed it under him." How is this right? This illegal? My mother's good friend Thunderbird who is live broadcasting the protest, he got his room taken away without them telling them. Shailene Woodley was arrested famouse actress while walking back from a prayer ceremony and none of the people she was with were doing illegal or dangerous things , they kept her in custody and did not let her go and striped searched her. This week a woman was walking to her teepee and was thrown on the grow and maced and got her arm broken. How is hurting people right? What they're doing is illegal. I grew up with the lakota and I know personally they are trying to help everyone by helping. I have been to the powwows, I've been to their prayer ceremonies and I know how sacred they are and and how important what they are doing is to them. They are protecting everyone by standing up for the water.    

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