Devon Ohio

Changing Lives Of Children In the Community.

Helping children in the community fall into sports, and after school programs so that they succeed instead of falling into the streets.

Dear future president,

I am writing you today because the amount of recreation centers need to change because more children in poor or rough neighborhoods need a better chance of being successful and they need them to stay out of trouble. I’m connected to this topic because

I grew up in a rough neighborhood from the day I was born till about the age of 6 and sports really helped me not get drug into bad things. It matters because there needs to be more rec centers so that more children can be successful. They need it to stay out of trouble and not fall into the streets.

We need more rec centers so children have more of a chance of becoming successful in rough neighborhoods. It’s very important that we build more rec centers because we don’t want the children to fall into bad places, we need the children to succeed for a better future. I was born and raised in a rough spot so I know how it is to grow up in a rough neighborhood and the only way you succeed is through sports, or moving away into a better town. Change needs to occur because these kids are the future of this nation and they all need to succeed.

Prior ethnographic evidence suggests that parents combat neighborhood dangers through spending time and money on children perceived to be at risk. Parents that spend more money on their children, the children tend to not fall into violence, drugs etc. Kids need to stay out of trouble to succeed and if they get into trouble eventually things could become deadly. Some will either be in jail or dead.

People could say that if you get in trouble at a young age that they still have a chance. People who has struggled and have succeeded could say that it's possible. The president should make more rec centers, make the people pay a little more taxes for rec centers because in the end it's going to help their children, and overall the future. All children will have a place, or more places to go and play and stay off the streets and stay out of trouble. The president should try to help the kids because they're the future of our country.

A conclusion just make more rec centers. Allow kids to become successful so they don’t have an excuse of growing up in a poor environment. More taxes to fund the rec centers so that kids can succeed in sports etc. Stay out of trouble and become great. More kids that can become successful out of poor environments means a better future for the united states. 



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