Alyssa B. Ohio

Everyone Deserves Equal Education

All around the United States, the opportunities available for every student are not the same. They definitely should be. Whether about the school money funds, testing policies or other issues each student should be given the same standards.

Dear Next President:

Becoming the leader of the United States of America is the biggest and most important role in all of our country. I am fully aware that it is very time consuming but I have some ideas for issues to be taken into consideration for this election. There are so many things on your current plate and I know recommendations from an eighth grader may not be one of your top priorities, but my letter to you is about issues needed taken care of in our country. I hope all my matters are what you believe in as well.

Education is a very underrated issue in this election, although I personally believe it should be a priority for the presidential candidates. Regarding every single student in America the playing field isn't always fair due to some states not having the school levy policy. If the voting for school money is in the hands of a representative then chances are that those school districts would advance, while the schools that rely on everyone in their community to vote for the levys to pass would most likely fail to succeed. Each school district should receive the same amount of money per kid so that no matter what school a child goes to it is as fair for learning as possible. This way the students education would not be based off of where they live and for me in particular if you worked hard then your chances of getting good grades and into good colleges would be based off that. Every single person in America would benefit from this since they would have equal chances to succeed.

If each school is given the same amount of money per person then they should be given the same standards when coming to their knowledge. In the United States the standardized testing such as, PARCC or AIR should be put an end and a new series of testing should be put in order for students. All students for every grade should take a beginning of the year pretest and then a end of the year test to fully test their learning. If there is only one opportunity to show what you have learned throughout the year on standardized testing and you are not at your best that day, that will affect your education when that should not be the case. Every child should be given equal opportunities when showing what they have learned and with different standards in different states everything isn't exactly fair, which justifies the need for progress testing.

Another leading issue affecting every single student in all of the U.S. is the large amount of foreign college learners that are receiving scholarships to American colleges and taking spots away from students on their home territory. The students in the U.S. have worked hard through their adolescent years and now that it is time for them to attend college their spots have already been filled by the best students in various countries, so they are not recruited. If this continues for many years I may have a hard chance being accepted, and America's job is not to educate the world, there should definitely be limits of these students.



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